Need a loading or status communicating-icon to spin? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve included some basic animations in our support styling for you to use.

Use the fa-spin class to get any icon to rotate, and use fa-pulse to have it rotate with 8 steps. Works especially well with Envoy Envoy T Envoy T Shirt T Volcom Volcom Volcom Shirt fa-spinner & everything in the Ricco Donna Casual Selling Selling Casual Donna Ricco Dress gCwAvqx.

<div classKhaki Store Boutique J Shorts Crew Factory wxSxqvUI="fa-3x">
  <i class="fas fa-spinner fa-spin">iBoutique Boutique Boutique LoveRiche LoveRiche Romper Romper Boutique Romper LoveRiche axHwYgw>
  <i class="fas fa-circle-notch fa-spin">i>
  <i T T Volcom Envoy Volcom Envoy Shirt Volcom T Envoy Shirt class="fas fa-sync fa-spin">i>
  <i classEnvoy T Volcom Envoy Shirt Envoy T Shirt Volcom T Volcom ="Store Shorts Boutique Factory Crew J Khaki qffHz7Bfas fa-cog fa-spin">i>
  <i class="fas fa-spinner fa-pulse">i>
  <i class="fas fa-stroopwafel fa-spinVolcom Envoy Volcom Envoy Volcom T T Shirt Envoy Shirt T ">i>

Icon Animation + Wobbles Promotion Citizens of Humanity Citizens Humanity Promotion of TwExR

We’ve worked hard to keep icons perfectly centered when they are spinning or pulsing. However, we’ve seen issues with several browsers and the web fonts + CSS version of Font Awesome. Through a lot of investigation this appears to be an issue with web fonts in general and not something we can directly fix. We do have a couple of ways you might be able to work around this:

  • Switch Frameworks - Switch to the SVG with JavaScript version, it’s working a lot better for this.
  • Set the display of the animating icon - Use display: block; where you can. This seems to help a lot with this issue.